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About World Web Design

Building a web site for you and your business could be one of the best investments you will ever make!

A Successfully marketed and promoted Web Site Can Provide explosive Income and work for you 24 Hours a Day!

Our goal at World Web Design, is to produce a website design and marketing strategy that works for you and your business and within your budget. Each website design is unique and designed & tailored to your requirements. We are a one stop shop for all you web design, Photography, marketing and SEO needs!

Your website is a visual form of communication which can potentially reach the whole world and will help promote you or your business by adding another communication media channel for reaching a new audience or for keeping your current clients informed and updated on news.

World Web Design, Internet Marketing & E-Commerce websites are a collaboration between the client and our design team combining your understanding of your business together with our knowledge and implementation of design and optimization techniques.

We offer website design service which will represent your business and be presented in a way that will appeal to you & your target market. Our Search Engine Optimization service is included with all website design and can further help your business by enhancing your website’s potential toward higher placement on the search engines.

We can create dynamic and interactive web pages using the latest websiteDynamic Web Sites technologies such as Java and JavaScript, CGI, Dynamic HTML, Flash, and more. We can add simple special effects such as mouseovers and hit counters to more advanced scripts such as discussion forums, guest books, photo galleries, web 2.0 applications, custom cgi scripts, flash shopping carts, AJAX applications and much much more…..

Website Design Initial Consultation

We will meet with you in person (if possible) listen to you and gather information about you or your business, its operations, your website design goals and discuss ideas and your preferences for the website design.

We go with your ideas and goals of how you want your company image portrayed while taking into consideration the actual targets & goals desired.

The color scheme and menu system design will vary depending upon what your company does, your corporate logo, what you want the website to do, and how you want to present yourself to your target audience.

Website Design & Review

We will seek to balance the look of the website with the design practicalities of ensuring that users can easily and quickly navigate and access the information they require.

Many website design firms treat usability as an after thought instead of a requirement but at World Web Design, Internet Marketing & E-Commerce we ensure your site is easy to navigate.
An exciting design can sometimes be let down by the user leaving the website through delays in loading large images, flash movies etc. We design our website pages to work with all popular browsers and we also take bandwidth considerations into account, so even users with 56k modems won’t be left waiting too long when they try to access your pages.

Our template approach allows us to change the direction of the design to meet changes in client requirements. To meet our aim of delivering a website design that exactly meets the client’s needs we actively encourage interaction in all stages of the design process to ensure the requirements of the website have been fully thought through.

We provide an unparalleled level of support

The final website design will only be complete when we are certain that we have achieved your goals in creating your website to a design & standard that you are happy with. Within a reasonable amount of time.

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