Google Places is now Google My Business

Google Announces: Google Places changed to Google My Business

Their slogan? Let the world know who you are.
New – Google My Business
Google Places for Business has now changed yet again to Google My Business. They claim it makes it easier to connect with customers and make a name for “YOUR BUSINESS” to be found easily online.

Tips for successful Google My Business sharing:

Keep your content fresh and public

Share what’s new with your business, important updates from your community and more.

Post exclusive events and deals

Promote special offers and big sales events and ensure great turnouts with Google+ events.

Share beautiful, high-quality photos

Pick up your smartphone or camera and take photos of your window display and your best selling products.

Record a behind-the-scenes tour

Use Hangouts on Air from your laptop to broadcast a video recording of your business or your team in action.

And most important! Respond to your customers

Think of your posts as a dialogue. Respond to comments and follow your followers back.

So, you think it Looks Complicated? Well, It Is!

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Example Google+ Local Pages Listing of a beach resort in the Philippines: