Google+ Local Pages For Business Setup

If you haven’t setup Google+ Local Pages For Business then your missing out on allot of local Business!

Google Places was recently replaced by the new Google+ Local pages.
Before you get started adding your local business to Google+, there are allot things you need to understand about the setup process that can confuse you.
If you want to read more about the setup you can see the guidelines here
Google Places for Business

So, you think it Looks Complicated? Well, It Is!

We offer a unique local business listing service that provides years of experience in setting up a local business listings on Google Places.
There is 100 ways to set this up. But knowing the right way is the key to any successful marketing campaign.
Let us help you set this up for $99.00. The process takes about 48 hrs to complete.
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Example Google+ Local Pages Listing of a beach resort in the Philippines: