What To Do When facebook locks up – FIX!

When Facebook Locks Up
When Facebook Locks Up

Allot of people ask “What To Do When facebook locks up”?

I have had this problem with facebook, friendster, and other flash intense websites and this is what i found to FIX the lockup problem, its quite simple.

To Fix this problem with facebook and friendster,

Update your display drivers and your video drivers.

This fixed the problem on 6 different computers i have tried this on.

There are three steps to updating your video card drivers:

STEP ONE – What Brand Video card do you have?
Presuming you have Windows XP, and Vista (windows 7 is different) the quickest way is to right click your windows desktop (wallpaper) and select ‘properties’ from the drop down menu that appears. A window like this will open:

This is the ‘Display control panel’ for Windows. You will want to select the ‘settings’ tab at the top right of this window…

Now click the button marked ‘advanced’ at the bottom right…

Click “OK” (above) may have a different number of tabs on your PC, click the ‘adapter’ tab

Here at the top where it says ‘adapter type’, is your video card. Make a note of this.

STEP TWO – Downloading the drivers
Now I know I have a card made by ‘nvidia’ I need to find their web site. You may have a different make of card so you might need a different site, but its easy to Google for it. here are some of the common ones:

You will need to select the right drivers for your card. Normally, the same drivers update almost any card that a particular manufacturer has made. You’ll need to download the drivers to your PC, they could be fairly big, so it might take a few minutes, even on broadband.

STEP THREE – Installing the drivers

Just double-click the file you downloaded, and follow the instructions. They will probably get you to restart your PC once they have been installed.

Once you reboot, you might have to adjust your screen settings again (often they default back to a really nasty low resolution.)
You now have updated your video card drivers! If you were experiencing facebook lock-up’s, or video card related bugs, they may now be fixed!

Please leave your comments below and let me know if this works for you on Lockups on Facebook or Friendster.